Places Where Bees Might Make a Hive in Your House

Tips From a Bee Control Expert

Bees might seem so colorful to look at but they sting. Don’t get easily fooled at television shows where you see a bee is always smiling and looks friendly because they can be pests after all. They can annoy you in lots of ways, aside from stinging. If you suspect that a swarm of bees is already making your home already theirs, it’s time to call a professional bee control service provider for help. But before that, it’s important to know where bees are making a hive. Read on to know.

Irrigation box

Your meter and irrigation boxes can be a good place to hide a hive because entry points are only one. Such areas are like a fortress to them because they are well protected from wasps and birds. If you’re trying to turn off the water meter or irrigation, you might be in for a fight because bees won’t hesitate to attack anyone who will get near to their hive. You’ll know that there is an entire colony in it if you see a couple of bees guarding the entry points. If this is your concern, contact a professional bee control right away.

Old birdhouses

Your old birdhouse located outside the house might be a good hiding place for bees. If it’s made up of wood with a thin sheet of metal as a roof, then make no mistake, it’ll be a beehive for a couple of weeks. The bad thing about this is that bees tend to become very aggressive and will not hesitate to attack even if you’re not that close enough.

Inside damaged stucco walls

If you neglect to patch the stucco walls because you don’t have the time will surprise you as you might see bees living inside. If you’re living in an area where bees are rampant, stucco walls can be a great addition to their home. It’s warm and it smells nice.

Garbage bins

If you have stored away garbage bins or plastic dumpsters outside your house, most likely bees will take it as their own. These insects are hardwired to scavenge food or anything sweet in the garbage.

Wooden furniture

Your wooden furniture is not safe with bees. If you dumped a wooden cabinet or sofa in your storage room outside, don’t get surprised to see a colony of bees in it. The huge space and the wooden vibe can easily attract bees.

Barbecue grill

Do you love having barbecue parties? If you like to situate your grills outside, most likely bees will try to invade it first. The smell of barbecue sauce and honey is just so tempting that they might want to have a party in it for the rest of their busy lives.

If you have been pestered by bees, call a professional immediately. Eliminator's Pest Control 07 LLC in Lauderhill, FL is a bee control expert that can help. Call (954) 394-1193 for more details.